Includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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Sherbert Punch submitted by Laura1
A creamy, sweet punch with zing
Chocolate Cream Coffee submitted by boz
A creamy chocolate coffee beverage
Crazy Blueberry shake submitted by boz
A sweet and fruity shake
The Screwdriver submitted by alcoholic
The vodka and orange classic. Originally used to promote the Smirnoff brand in WW2. The name comes from the North American oilmen who stirred the vodka into their juice with screwdrivers.
Oreo Mudslide submitted by alcoholic
The classic mudslide ingredients plus the Oreo and ice cream. Mmmmm...
The Big Mak submitted by alcoholic
That's not a typo. Do you like blackberries and bourbon?
Amaretto Hot Cocoa submitted by boz
This is hot chocolate with an almond and coffee twist.
Horchata de Almendra (Almond Horchata) submitted by boz
A sweet, almond beverage.
Strawberry Yogurt Shake submitted by lion90
A smooth, healthy strawberry shake.
Tropical Treasure submitted by nonsense
A smooth, tropical drink with pineapple, banana and strawberries.