Christmas Recipes

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Sweet potato souffle with nut topping submitted by terry
Worth the calories for a special occassion
Grandma Willie Smith's Pecan Pie submitted by boz
I got this one from my aunt. An incredibly easy, yet very tasty pecan pie.
Amaretto Hot Cocoa submitted by boz
This is hot chocolate with an almond and coffee twist.
Eggnog Pancakes submitted by baker
These huge pancakes have eggnog in the batter...The perfect winter holiday breakfast treat.
Apple and Cabbage Slaw submitted by smith
A slaw variant with vinegar, apples and honey.
Mother Elliot's Sugar Cookies submitted by baker
LIght and fluffy sugar cookies.
Carrots and Dill submitted by scoobs
An incredibily easy side dish that goes well with any poultry or meat
Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts submitted by adam
Brussels sprouts roasted with a sweet maple glaze.
Corn Bread Muffins submitted by steve
Easy corn muffins.
Chocolate Fudge Recipe with Cranberries submitted by HalleBose
This tasty sweet treat uses ingredients that are easy to work with. Kids will enjoy making chocolate fudge with you. These chocolate squares make a great gift.