Fall Recipes

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Amaretto Hot Cocoa submitted by boz
This is hot chocolate with an almond and coffee twist.
Apple and Cabbage Slaw submitted by smith
A slaw variant with vinegar, apples and honey.
Apple Cake in a Jar (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
Makes a good gift. Tasty also!
Apple Cranberry Sauce (Not yet rated) submitted by adam
Cranberries and apples! The perfect autumn side dish.
Apple Crisp (Not yet rated) submitted by boz
A warm, apple dessert
Apple Pie submitted by baker
An easy, but really good apple pie.
Apple Pie Cordial (Not yet rated) submitted by alcoholic
An easy cordial that tastes like apple pie.
Apple Spice Muffins (Not yet rated) submitted by baker
Muffins made with apples, cinnamon and yogurt.
Apple-Stuffed Chicken submitted by Laura1
A savory chicken dish featuring apples
Applesauce submitted by elnoob
An easy, homemade applesauce with cinnamon