Also known as Vinho do Porto or Porto, port wine is a sweet Portuguese wine produced with grapes grown and processed in the Douro Valley region in northern Portugal. Port is a fortified wine, which means that some distilled beverage has been added to it. In the case of traditional Port, the grape spirit aguardente (similar to brandy), has been added, which stops fermentation, leaving residual sugar and boosting the alcohol content. Port is usually served as a dessert wine. Wines of this style are produced around the world, especially in the United States, South Africa, Australia , India, Canada, and Argentina. However, according to the European Union Protected Designation of Origin guidelines, only the fortified wine from Portugal may be labeled as Porto or port.

Port typically has an alcohol content of 18% to 20%. Red ports should be served between 59°F to 68°F (15°C to 20°C). Unfiltered port wines (i.e. vintage ports) develop a sediment or crust in the bottle and require decanting before serving.

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