Recipes Similar to Teriyaki Strip Steaks

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Ultimate Brisket (Not yet rated) - An amazing recipe for a melt-in-your mouth brisket.
Lomo Saltado (Not yet rated) - A traditional South American steak entree from Peru. This consists of steak strips with a fragrant mixture of vegetables.
Beef with Broccoli (Not yet rated) - Beef and broccoli in a stir-fry sauce.
Teriyaki Pork Tenderloin (Not yet rated) - Pork tenderlion, marinated in a Japanese style teryaki sauce
Potato Croquettes with Meat (Not yet rated) - Meat and potato patties
Lamb Vindaloo (Not yet rated) - A spicy Indian lamb dish. Yeah, it takes a while to make.
Mexican Meatballs (Not yet rated) - This is eaten throughout Mexico.
Hot Fusion Chili (Not yet rated) - Actually a fusion of sweet and hot flavors.
Sloppy Joes (Not yet rated) - A basic sloppy joe recipe. Serve on a bun!