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Braised and Barbecued Chicken (Not yet rated) submitted by boz
A fruity chicken dish with rice.
Blueberry Pie submitted by boz
A basic, yet damn good blueberry pie.
Chili Mac Casserole submitted by Laura1
A meaty, cheesy, and hearty casserole
Peppers Stuffed with Chicken and Ricotta Cheese submitted by boz
Peppers stuffed with a garlic flavored chicken and seasoned ricotta cheese filling.
7&7 w/ a Twist submitted by Algorithms
A cool refreshing drink
Sherbert Punch submitted by Laura1
A creamy, sweet punch with zing
Horn & Hardart's Macaroni and Cheese submitted by boz
A mac and cheese recipe from the Philadelphia and New York restaurant (or so I've heard)
Choco-banana-strawberry shake submitted by boz
It's like a banana split in shake form
Chocolate Cream Coffee submitted by boz
A creamy chocolate coffee beverage
White chocolate hazelnut cake (Not yet rated) submitted by boz
A rich hazelnut dessert