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Chicken Gumbo submitted by boz
It has a bit of a kick that sneaks up on you.
Baked Peach Chicken submitted by Algorithms
A peachy chicken dish, light and sweet.
Rocky Road Brownies submitted by Laura1
Rocky road, but in brownie form. From the Food Network.
Honey Mustard Chicken submitted by grlore
A simple, sweet grilled or broiled chicken dish
Quick Coriander Chicken (Not yet rated) submitted by grlore
A flavorful chicken recipe from the National Chicken council
Crazy Blueberry shake submitted by boz
A sweet and fruity shake
Canadian Rum Punch (Not yet rated) submitted by alcoholic
An easy rum drink!
Double Team (Not yet rated) submitted by alcoholic
Just rum and amaretto.
The Screwdriver submitted by alcoholic
The vodka and orange classic. Originally used to promote the Smirnoff brand in WW2. The name comes from the North American oilmen who stirred the vodka into their juice with screwdrivers.
Whole Bulb Potato Soup For Two (Not yet rated) submitted by Laura1
If you love garlic, this is the soup for you