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Sassy Chicken and Peppers submitted by boz
A spicy chicken dish with a Mexican twist.
Chicken Tortilla Soup II submitted by adam
A flavorful tomato based soup with tortilla strips and shredded chicken.
Plantain Tortillas submitted by ellie7
These tortillas are a wheat-free and gluten-free alternative to storebought tortillas. These are a great for soft tacos.
Pollo (Chicken) Ole submitted by nonsense
An easy Mexican dish with tortilla chips and chicken strips.
Spicy Salsa submitted by nonsense
Very easy and quite spicy.
World's Best Taco Meat submitted by boz
Nothing beats this incredible taco meat
Fajita Marinade submitted by smith
This marinade is orginally created for chicken but might work with beef too. Mmm... Fajitas.
Pollo Loco submitted by foodie
Grilled chicken marinated in citrus marinade. It's crazy!
Mexican Rice (Not yet rated) submitted by ayhan
Makes a great side dish for any Mexican meal.
White Chicken Chili (Not yet rated) submitted by eldorado99
An awesome white chili with a kick!