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Focaccia Bread submitted by filly90
Italian flat bread with herbs, onion and tomatoes
Barley Risotto (Not yet rated) submitted by smith
This creamy risotto as a lot more fiber than one made with rice.
Homemade Limoncello (Not yet rated) submitted by alcoholic
This is an Italian lemon liqueur traditionally made in the Gulf of Naples, in Southern Italy.
Grilled Chicken Personal Pizzas submitted by adam
Grilled chicken pizza with a thin, crispy crust from scratch. This works best with a gas grill that allows you to control the temperature.
Mini Tomato Mozzarella Bites (Not yet rated) submitted by adam
Little pieces of mozzarella sandwiched between cherry tomato halves. Easy and tasty!
Sweet Potato Frittata (Not yet rated) submitted by foodie
This Italian-style omelet is quite the substantial breakfast.
Tomato and Basil Salmon (Not yet rated) submitted by lolo
Extremely easy baked salmon with tomato and basil.
Mediterranean Chicken Quesadillas (Not yet rated) submitted by ayhan
Gooey Italian-style quesadillas stuffed with chicken and tomato
Rotini Pasta Salad (Not yet rated) submitted by nick7
An easy and colorful pasta salad. This recipe is pretty forgiving. Change the proprtions of the various ingredients to taste!
Italian Vegetable Soup (Not yet rated) submitted by elnoob
A hearty vegan soup