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Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is a white wine named for the pinot blanc grape, which is basically a genetic mutation of the pinot noir grape. This wine is often confused with Chardonnay although the two wines are not related.

Pinot blanc is typically high in acidity and has a fruity aroma (melons and apple), however characteristics can vary by the region in which it is produced. For instance, in Italy, Hungary, Alsace (France), and Germany the wine may be full-bodied and dry, while in Austria it may be sweet.

Pinot blanc is also known as Weissburgunder (Germany), Beli Pinot, Clevner, Pinot Bianco (Italy), Weisser Klevner (Austria), and Fehér Burgundi (Hungary).

Pinot blanc is typically not aged, since aging diminishes the fruity flavors. This wine should be served at 50º-55ºF (10º-13ºC).

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