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How Brunch Can Improve Your Life and Help You Meet Your Goals

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It’s over half-way through 2016, so chances are that if you made any New Year’s Resolutions, they’ve fallen by the wayside. However, it’s never too late to start working toward a goal. I’ve been talking with friends lately about some of their goals, and how we can work together to reach them. We’ve decided the best way to do so is to create fun activities and incorporate as many of our goals into them as possible. The first mission? Brunch.

You might think brunch is just a luxury, and not a great means of reaching goals like being healthier or changing bad habits, but you’d be wrong. After all, what other meal lends itself to light fare, social interaction, and a nice mimosa (or Bloody Mary if you’re looking for a couple extra vegetable servings)? Below are some of the goals that we are meeting with our brunch get-togethers.

Being Social              
All of my close friends and I are balancing full-time jobs, romantic relationships, and our social lives. It’s becoming more and more common for us to go weeks (sometimes months) without seeing each other. For me, this isn’t necessarily because I don’t have time, but because I don’t always have the foresight to plan social activities. Then when I have free time, it’s either too late to get people together, or I just feel like crashing at home and enjoying some alone time.

As we age, it’s normal for our number of friendships to dwindle. However, it’s important to prioritize quality friendships. So we’ve decided that one way to do that is to set aside every other Sunday for brunch. This gives us a chance to all get together for something fun and also work on other life goals such as:

Spending Time Outside
There are probably a million different articles out there about the health benefits of spending time outside. We all have office jobs, meaning we sit all day indoors. This is not great for our health, physically or mentally. Luckily, Lindsay has a lovely balcony for us to enjoy brunch on. She even got a nifty wine rack and tasting center; where we can keep mimosa supplies and set up a food and beverage station so we don’t have to keep going back in the apartment!

Eating Healthy
One goal I think most people share is that of eating healthier. Because brunch is all about food, it’s the perfect time for us to experiment with new healthy recipes. Below are some of my favorites that we’ve tried so far:
Champagne Baked Eggs with Spinach and Crispy Ham
Spicy Lentil Ethiopian Stew (I was skeptical of stew as a brunch dish, but with Greek Yogurt, it was so good!)
Baked Brie with Cran-Apple Chutney

We all take turns on bringing main dishes and sides, and we’re learning a lot about healthy combinations that we love!
These are just a few of the ways that brunch is improving our lives. Do you do brunch? How do you make it beneficial to your overall health and wellness?

Jeriann Watkins blogs about food, life, and wedding planning at dairyairhead.com. Check out her blog!

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