Beef, Pork & Lamb

Includes recipes that have beef, pork, venison, or other meats as the main ingredient.

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World's Best Taco Meat submitted by boz
Nothing beats this incredible taco meat
Hartigan Meat Loaf submitted by Laura1
A hearty and filling meat loaf
Ultimate Brisket submitted by boz
An amazing recipe for a melt-in-your mouth brisket.
Joyce's Beef Stroganoff submitted by Laura1
A tantilizing meaty entree
Chili Mac Casserole submitted by Laura1
A meaty, cheesy, and hearty casserole
Teriyaki Strip Steaks submitted by boz
Sirloin marinated in a homemade teriyaki sauce
Sauerbraten (Not yet rated) submitted by Algorithms
A delicious german favorite.
Mini Meat Loaves (Not yet rated) submitted by boz
Muffin-size meat loaves. The perfect party food!
Swiss Meat Loaf (Not yet rated) submitted by Laura1
Yet another neat way to make meatloaf
Pork Souvlaki submitted by boz
This Greek dish has marinated meat in a lemon and olive oil mixture. Serve with pita bread and a Greek salad.