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Cuts of Beef

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This chart shows the basic American beef cuts. Use this to decide which cut will suit your meal.

Beef Cut chart
Upper Half

Portion Uses/Comments
Chuck Most hamburger meat is made from this.
Rib Rib eye steak or short ribs come from here.
Short Loin Porterhouse steaks come from this cut.
Sirloin This is more flavorful than short loin, though less tender.
Tenderloin This is the most tender cut of meat. Filet mignon is made from this.
Top Sirloin This can be used for steaks, strips, cubes or roasts.
Round Round is very lean, and lacks the fat to tenderize quickly. This is used for steaks, cubes, strips or roasts.

Bottom Half

Portion Uses/Comments
Brisket  BBQ beef brisket is a popular use for this cut.
Plate  Skirt steak is produced from this. It is usually a fatty, tough, and cheap cut of beef.
Flank  This inexpensive cut produces a tough steak, and is therefore usually tenderized with pounding or messaging.  This is the cut usually associated with London Broil.
Shank This is the toughest of cuts, and is mainly used for soups and stews.

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Sagi on 2016-05-10

Awesome- a little food love, a little literary love. Throw in some wine passion and we have a perfect trcjaite.fulie luek´s last blog post ..Like? 1

Anonymous User on 2012-07-28

Still looking for the review from you guys on the char broil gas and electric grills. There are also small metal cans like tuna cans you can buy that have wood chips for smoke flavor. I’m more partial to smoking, but it’s nice to be able to do both or either. I’m not big on burnt fat flavor and have used maple chips and cherry chips for brats and chicken. Piercing is best for draining the fat. George Foreman grills burn grill lines and I didn’t care for that and cleaning was a pain. Keep looking

Anonymous User on 2012-07-18

This seasoning is aamizng, my steaks were awesome! So easy and so tasty.Thanks for suggesting using on steaks, my wife has it in the cabinet and I never even know what she uses it on but since I am king of the grill, now I can shine too!

Anonymous User on 2011-12-24

Thanks for the iinsght. It brings light into the dark!