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Recipe Scaling Tips

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Recipe scaling means changing the amount of ingredients to make less or more of it. This is done by multiplying or dividing the ingredient amounts by some number. For example, to double a recipe, you would multiply the ingredient amounts by two. To cut it down by a third, you'd divide the amounts by three.

Scaling a recipe on DamnGoodRecipes.com is simple: Click the "Adjust" button and you can enter the desired number of servings, or even change measurement units.

Scaling is a simple process most of the time, however, there are some things to remember:

  1. Scaling does not work too well for indefinite amounts. For best results, scale using multiples of two or three.  When cooking for a a very large crowd, it may be best to work in batches.
  2. Not all recipes scale well due to food chemistry. This is often the case with souffles and baked items with  yeast, such as breads. For these foods, it's best to prepare in batches. For example, instead of making one giant pie for a large crowd, make serveral pies of normal size.
  3. Cooking time can vary when scaling. You may need to cook longer or shorter depending on how you scale it.
  4. When seasoning, be sure to season to taste. Typically you'll actually use only 1 1/2 times the amount of seasoning when doubling a recipe. When tripling, you may end up using only twice the amount.
  5. For best results, use a pan that keeps the depth of the ingredients about the same as in the original recipe.  For example, when doubling a recipe, use a pan that has twice the volume.  If this is not possible, you can adjust the cook time, temperature, or amount of liquid.  Reducing cook time or temperature is appropriate when the pan is more shallow, and possibly add a bit more liquid.  For baked goods, increase the cook time and lower the temperature when the pan is deeper.
The scaling function on DamnGoodRecipes.com is meant as a convenience and a guide. Success with scaling the more delicate recipes will depend on some good judgment and maybe trial and error.

Got some other scaling tips?  Leave a comment below!

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Ahmet on 2015-12-02

QUICK CASSEROLE DELIGHT1/2 lb grnoud beef (or grnoud turkey or chicken)1 14.5 oz can of tomato sauce (slightly larger than a regular soup can)1 can of Cream of Chicken soup1 can of corn, drainedcheese (either sliced or grated)12 oz spaghetti noodlesCook the grnoud meat thoroughly, drain excess fat. Cook approximately 12 oz of spaghetti noodles according to package directions.In a casserole dish, mix all the ingredients together except the cheese. Put the cheese on top.Cover and bake at 350b0F for about 1/2 hour.TUNA SALAD LETTUCE WRAP1 1/2 tsp classic Ceasar Salad dressing1/2 can of tuna2 baby carrots, chopped2 lettuce leaves3 olives1/2 roma tomato1/2 tsp each garlic powder1/2 tsp basil leaves1/2 tsp grnoud black pepper1/2 tsp saltIn a small bowl, combine tuna, chopped carrot, olives, and tomato. Chop one of the lettuce leaves and add.Spinkle with remaining spices, salad dressing, then mix thoroughly.Using the other lettuce leaf, place tuna salad in tne center, and then fold and enjoy.