Pistachio nuts

Nutrition Information*
Serving size: 1 c. (123g)
Based on a 2000 calorie diet

DV %


Calories: 685.1
Total Sugars: 9.4g
Carb.: 34.4g
Fiber: 12.7g
Total Fats: 54.7g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Protein: 25.4g
Sodium: 1.2mg
*Data provided by USDA

The elongated seed of the pistachio tree (Pistacia vera L., Anacardiaceae), which is native to southwestern and central Asia. The seeds (called nuts in a culinary sense but not in the botanical one) are eaten whole, and sometimes salted and/or roasted. They are an excellent source of protein and vitamin E.

Pistachio nuts are often used in ice cream and other desserts like baklava. The naturally beige shell of commercially sold pistachio nuts is sometimes dyed red or green to hide stains on nuts that are picked by hand.

Pistachio nuts are often found in recipes that also contain mangoes, oranges, pomegranates, white chocolate, grapes and orange zest