Recipes Similar to Mexican Meatballs

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Mini Meat Loaves (Not yet rated) - Muffin-size meat loaves. The perfect party food!
Swiss Meat Loaf (Not yet rated) - Yet another neat way to make meatloaf
Potato Croquettes with Meat (Not yet rated) - Meat and potato patties
Lamb and Eggplant Casserole (Not yet rated) - A baked casserole of fried eggplant and lamb chops.
Lomo Saltado (Not yet rated) - A traditional South American steak entree from Peru. This consists of steak strips with a fragrant mixture of vegetables.
Vegetable and Sausage Strata (Not yet rated) - A layered, sausage and vegetable casserole.
Hot Fusion Chili (Not yet rated) - Actually a fusion of sweet and hot flavors.
Greek Moussaka (Not yet rated) - A layered dish of eggplant and lamb.
Soutzoukakia (Fried Meat Balls) (Not yet rated) - Seasoned, fried greek meat balls
Hungarian Goulash (Not yet rated) - A traditional Hungarian dish with meat, potatoes with egg dumplings.
Sweet and Sour Meatballs (Not yet rated) - Tangy, saucy, tasty meatballs best served on a bed of rice.
Matambre (Stuffed Flank Steak) (Not yet rated) - Spanish for 'hunger figher', matambre is one of Argentina's most famous steak dishes. This is rolled flank steak stuffed wtih spices and vegetables.
Ground Beef and Tomato Custard Pie (Not yet rated) - It's exactly what it sounds like,
Super Ass Kickin' Beer Chili (Not yet rated) - It's made with beer. What else could you want?
Maple Syrup Chili (Not yet rated) - An easy beef chili made with maple syrup.