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Location:Binghamton, NY
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I like to make Italian and Indian food.

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adam on 2017-03-25 for Easy Banana Bread

Came out perfect!

adam on 2012-08-23 for Wonderland Fried Rice

Very easy to make. The eggs are a nice touch.

adam on 2012-03-12 for Scalloped Potatoes

These were really, really, good. You can adjust the level of garlic to taste.

adam on 2012-02-28 for Moroccan Tomato and Peanut Soup

Good!  For some reason it tasted even better reheated, after the leftovers were refrigerated over night.  The flavors do get a bit milder as it sits. You can probably add more hot sauce if you want it spicier.

adam on 2010-01-26 for Mediterranean Spinach Chicken

I've made this several times adding different vegetables, like diced tomato, bell pepper, onion or carrots. You just need to adjust the cooking time so the vegetables come out tender.

adam on 2010-01-03 for Blintz Souffle

This was very tasty! It goes well with sour cream on the side but you don't really need that. It's good and flavorful enough by itself.

adam on 2009-11-26 for Apple Pie

This was a hit this year at Thanksgiving!

adam on 2009-08-02 for Smoked Brisket with Moonshine Mop

It really doesn't get better than this. The credit for this one goes to Jeff's Tabletop: